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Discover Which Braun Blender Is Right For Your Kitchen

December 1 2015 , Written by orni-munch

Discover Which Braun Blender Is Right For Your Kitchen

Braun has both blenders on the counter top and the immersion or hand blender. Braun’s Multiquick Artiste was declared the 2012 Kitchen Remodeling. To get this result cooking professionals had to agree that Braun brought an innovative, user friendly product to the kitchen.

The Multiquick Artiste comes with a 600 watt motor with 15 different speeds. The shaft is designed to prevent splashing and to keep all of your food in its container. The blades are made of stainless steel, and are able to be rinsed clean without damage.

The Multiquick Artiste comes with several attachments, just remove the shaft, add a new attachment, and it is a new machine. The Artiste comes with a whisk for whipping, beating, and stirring; chopping cups for chopping and crushing; and a shredding cup for shredding and slicing. Other models come with a vacuuming attachment to help remove air from stored food, which increases the time food may be stored. With the exception of the motor, all parts are dishwasher safe.

For kitchen basics, Braun recommends the Multiquick, among other equipment, such as a coffee pot. The Multiquick Artiste is not recommended unless someone is a cooking enthusiast. This tool is designed with an experienced cook in mind.

The Braun PowerMax Jug blender has had mixed reviews. One claims that this blender makes the best smoothies of any blender tried, and another claims that the drive coupling wears out if anything more resistant than ice is put in the jug. The Braun PowerMax Jug blender has a 525 watt motor with 5 speeds. The jug is 64 ounces and glass, with measurements on the outside to follow recipes with ease. The lid has holes to allow the user to add ingredients as foods are being blended. For safety, this blender only operates when the jug is locked into the base, but can be locked for a right or left handed user.

Braun products come with a one year limited warranty against factory defects. The great thing about Braun is that they stick by their products. In one case, the chopper attachment broke, and Braun replaced it for free with no questions asked. This is not saying that every case is this way, but finding a company that will stand by its products can be rare.

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